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Case Study

Case Study

Petrol station attendant uniform rollout to support transition from Shell to Z-Energy

When Shell NZ transformed into Z-Energy in 2012, uniforms designed and manufactured by Wstar were a key component of the transition process. We provided (and still provide) a full-service solution – design, production, warehousing, distribution and account management. In 2016, we did it all again when Caltex NZ sites were moved into the Z-energy brand.


The challenge – uniform development for new fuel company brand

Z-Energy was born when Infratil and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund bought Shell New Zealand’s service stations. The acquisition happened in 2010, then the new brand – Z-Energy – was rolled out in 2012.

The management of Z-Energy selected Wellfit/Wstar as uniform partner and briefed us to design, manufacture, store and distribute a complete uniform solution for petrol station workwear and Z-Express convenience store workers. In addition to being contemporary, practical and attractive, the uniform wardrobe had to span every season for every geographic location, from Taipa in the far north to Invercargill in the deep south.

As well as supporting the Z-Energy brand, some garments in the solution needed to display partner brands, including Flybuys, Pumped and Air New Zealand Airpoints™.


Our solution – a top-to-toe kit to fit every employee

We worked closely with Z-Energy’s HR and marketing teams to develop a full-service uniform solution:


  • Our designers consulted a panel of employees working across all Z-Energy roles before developing a full kit of workwear – polo shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, aprons, headwear, wet-weather jackets and hi-viz vests.
  • We sourced anti-static fabrics that minimise the potential for static electricity sparks to come into contact with petroleum. This is an essential requirement for gas station uniforms.
  • Prototypes were tested with employees before final designs were signed off.
  • Garments were manufactured in bulk, to ensure cost-efficiency, built in attributes and ongoing supplies for new employees and new sites.
  • Service station uniforms and Z-Express uniforms were delivered directly to more than 150 Z-Energy sites throughout New Zealand.
  • Inventory is stored at Wstar’s warehouse, then distributed directly to Z-Energy sites as required.
  • Recycling is provided by Wstar for garments at end-of-life. Garments are separated and shredded before fibre extraction and raw material extrusion, in readiness for remanufacturing as durable consumer products.

The result – every Z-Energy employee is visible, comfortable and brand compliant

Z-Energy’s uniform fitout was a total success. Every site had new uniforms in plenty of time for the launch of the new brand. As each site was rebranded with new signage and interior decorating, employees were able to instantly match the new brand environment with their workwear. To date, feedback gathered from employees has been overwhelmingly positive.


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