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Our R & D has developed innovations to the highest levels by working with the worlds leading textile chemical treatment specialists, including CIBA, Huntsman and DuPont.

Wstar pioneered the development of moisture management technology (MMT) and safety management technology (SMT). enabling special performance characteristics such as: Anti–static, Deodorising, Breathable & Wickable, Wash & Wear and Fire Retardant ability. This range of characteristics covers the apparel spectrum from corporate to industrial, safety solutions. We provide clothing that is certified to USA, European, NZ and Australian recognised standards which positions us perfectly for the safety market.  All of our garments use independent testing and certification authorities. 

When you work with Wstar, you get the benefit of our unsurpassed knowledge of current best practice for uniform design, materials, manufacturing and end-of-life management. Aspects of our work we exceed best practice, as we lead the way, raising the benchmarks.